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Suffragettes Leaving City Hall in New York in 1908.

Welcome to This is my first post. While selling my hand-tinted historic art photographs at more than 25 juried shows a year in five states for the past 8 years has been a joy, I have missed talking about them in this format.

One of my favorite series is The Celebration of Women. My intent is to show the extraordinary things women (non-famous ones although I have included a few with well known names as well) have done over the years; from marching so we could have the right to vote, to competing in a man’s world of sports such as baseball, hockey, race car driving and running. I have been amazed at the images I have found. There is the amazing photo of a woman’s jury in Los Angeles in 1911; a female pilot in 1910; women hunting and golfing and a personal favorite of women running the low hurdle in bloomers and barefooted in 1920.

We have obviously done it all. I must admit I did not know about a lot of these achievements. Not a part of my school learning program in the 50s and 60s. I sincerely missed not hearing about the female spies on both sides during the civil war or the female cab driver in New York during the 1920s. Rarely were these events looked at and studied. It always seemed to be a man’s world except for the few women who made names for themselves in the history books and really could not be left out.

Truth is there were many more of us behind the scenes breaking barriers all the time and changing the course of history one day at a time. I love the sight of female police officers being trained in Washington DC in 1910. There they stand in long dresses and hats during target practice. I really had no idea they existed.

Police Women Training in Washington DC in 1910

Then there are these beautiful faces of African American Women attending an ex-slave convention in Washington DC in 1916. We can only imagine what they have had to go through to even be at such an event or what the event was all about. We have such an amazing history that needs not only to be preserved but celebrated. Our daughters and their daughters must be reminded of our many achievements. Its not just about being a corporate head, or a famous actress, or a sports icon. Its about all those women like us who have tried the unordinary and succeeded at times when it simply was unpopular to do so. There are so many of us. We are behind the scenes every day working to broaden life, to open doors, to create smarter, brighter and better opportunities for women everywhere. I hope that by reviving these images so we can revisit them in color, we will appreciate ourselves even more and remind women everywhere how important their every day thoughts, caring, achievements are in a world that needs to celebrate its past in all its fullness so that we can fully celebrate out present and build an even better tomorrow!

Convention of Former Slaves, Washington DC 1916

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